Year 7 - 8


Important Basketball Notice

Just wanted to send you a little info regarding entry to Arena for tonight.

We have blocked off the parking right outside arena 4 doors in order to allow the kids a safe space to move around WITHOUT cars pulling in all over the place.

So to make it as easy and seamless as possible, we are doing the following:


Entry will be through Arena 4 doors (normal entrance). There will be clear signage and people there to point everyone in the right direction.

Courts 1-3 will go straight ahead into the Ballroom for their game and will exit via the changing room hallway right outside the Ballroom. The exit point for this space comes right out into the Arena 4 carpark, so the same area in which they will come in.

Courts 4-7 will be directed right and then straight ahead into the BnM Centre for their game and will exit via the changing room hallway right at the end of the BnM Centre. The exit point for this space comes right out int the Arena 4 carpark, so the same area in which they will enter the facility.


Entry will be through Arena 3 doors on PASCAL STREET! I will put out a Basketball Manawatu flag to draw attention to this space, so if you could ask your students to look out for it that would be great.

Thank you – I will post these instructions on Facebook also, but would appreciate you also letting the kids know today.


We are asking again that you ask your players NOT to arrive at arena more than 15 minutes before their games.

We will not be allowing any basketballs into the arena.

Plenty of sanitiser will be available at all entry and exit points AND on score bench tables.

I will make sure to look out for all of your kids, our staff have been advised to do everything possible to ensure the experience is a good one for them today, hopefully once we have done this once they will have the hang of it come next week! Anybody who turns up in the wrong place will be assisted by me and our staff who will be wearing High Vis vests today. So if you need any assistance, look out for one of us!

I appreciate all of the support to get these games going, and look forward to seeing everyone soon! If you are worried about anything or have any questions, please shout out.

Covid QR codes will be available at entry points also for those of you who have the APP on your phones.

Ashhurst – have a great few games at the VVC, I look forward to hearing about it!!!

Year 7/8 Basketball Draw 2020


Year 7/8 Basketball Teams 2020

Information Website

Zero Tolerance Policy


Year 7/8 Information

Welcome to the 2020 Winter Basketball season. We are currently taking registrations for school teams. All children must be registered by this Friday the 29th of May.

The Basketball fees are $85 Inclusive of a school uniform hire fee. They will be issued with an Ashhurst School numbered singlet. They will also need navy blue sports shorts. If they do not have these please contact me as soon as possible as we have some spares that can be hired.

Fees will need to be paid in advance before playing. Students will not receive a playing singlet until payment has been made or sorted through the school office.

Year 7/8's play on a Wednesday afternoon. The season will be played in for 12 weeks throughout Terms 2 and 3. It will begin week 11 of Term 2 (24/06)and is played at the Central Energy Trust Arena, in Arena 4 (B&M & Ballroom, College Street School, Carncot School Gym & Fly Palmy Arena). The finals will be held the week of the 23rd of September.

Mixed teams consist of 5 players and must have 2 girls on the court at a time.

Mouth guards are compulsory.

Any questions please email Miss Davidson: