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Year 3/4 Netball Draw 2020

Court Layout

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Year 3/4 Netball Teams 2020

Important Information

Welcome to the 2020 netball season. We are currently taking registrations for Year 3/4 school teams. All children must be registered by this Friday (29/05) at 12.00pm. Please read the following information carefully and do not complete the registration form until you are certain you can commit to the full season.

Year 3/4 Fees $25.00 p/p.

Fees will need to be paid in advance before playing. Students will not be able to play until payment has been made or sorted through the school office.

IMPORTANT CHANGE: students will need to purchase their own Ashhurst School sports shirt through Academy Apparel prior to the season commencing. The cost of a sports shirt is $28.50. This can be used for all sports teams. Children are required to also wear a navy blue skirt/skort or shorts. These can be purchased at Kmart for approximately $5 a pair. We have some at school available for hire if needed. Please contact Kelly Davidson at as soon possible if you would like to hire one.

Basic overview:

- The Year 3/4 Programme will run for 9 weeks (including the Festival Day). It will begin the 25th of June. The last game will be on the 28th of August, and then there will be a Festival Day held on Sunday the 30th of August. It is played on a Thursday night at Vautier Park between 3.45 - 5.00pm. They will be 45 - 50 minute sessions.

- Each week/session will begin with a warm-up, then a 15-20 minute skill-based

portion, followed by a modified game to consolidate the skills learnt. It is 5V5 modified game

- Each week concentrates on a different skill and will include new games/activities

to practice those skills.

Competition overview:

- Fun and participation with skill development will still be a focus. Players are to be

rotated through ALL positions and are to get a half game minimum.

Any questions please email Kelly Davidson:


Kelly Davidson