Year 3/4




Kia ora koutou,

Hope everyone is great! Obviously we are still in Level 2 until early in September. With the uncertainty of Alert Levels and whether we will get back to Level 1 in the near future we have decided to postpone all Future Fern festival days.

As you will appreciate, there is a great deal to manage in putting these great days on and if we are able to run these at Level 1 they then can be the fun, engaging day of netball they should be.

We will get back in contact with you once these dates can be confirmed with confidence.

This applies to all Future Fern festival days, Y1/2, Y3/4 and Y5/6.

‘he tuhituhi tou korero’

Nga Mihi


Lathainia Picking

Game Development

Netball Manawatu

Hi Netball Community,

Thanks so much for your patience while we work through the Level 2 guidelines pertaining to Netball in the region. There has been a lot to sort through and organise and we are thrilled to be able to offer a limited Netball competition during the Level 2 period.

We have been trying very hard to accommodate the Year 3 & 4 players as Vautier remained an available venue for this group. After much discussion and attempts to plan the competition around Level 2 guidelines, the Netball Manawatu team have decided that it is safest for all players, management and parents to cancel the Year 3 & 4 competition for the rest of the season. As with the other junior leagues we will offer a festival day for this age group if we go to Level 1 (proposed date below).

We’re disappointed to cancel play for all of our futureFERNS but appreciate your understanding that our junior player’s health and safety is our main concern during these times.

So just to clarify:

2020 competitions are cancelled for the following year groups:

· Year 1 & 2

· Year 3 & 4

· Year 5 & 6

We cannot thank our Netball Community enough for your support and understanding - 2020 is certainly a year we won’t forget in a hurry!

Stay safe everyone.

Year 3/4 Netball Draw 2020

Court Layout

Vautier Park Layout.doc


Year 3/4 Netball Teams 2020

Important Information

Welcome to the 2020 netball season. We are currently taking registrations for Year 3/4 school teams. All children must be registered by this Friday (29/05) at 12.00pm. Please read the following information carefully and do not complete the registration form until you are certain you can commit to the full season.

Year 3/4 Fees $25.00 p/p.

Fees will need to be paid in advance before playing. Students will not be able to play until payment has been made or sorted through the school office.

IMPORTANT CHANGE: students will need to purchase their own Ashhurst School sports shirt through Academy Apparel prior to the season commencing. The cost of a sports shirt is $28.50. This can be used for all sports teams. Children are required to also wear a navy blue skirt/skort or shorts. These can be purchased at Kmart for approximately $5 a pair. We have some at school available for hire if needed. Please contact Kelly Davidson at as soon possible if you would like to hire one.

Basic overview:

- The Year 3/4 Programme will run for 9 weeks (including the Festival Day). It will begin the 25th of June. The last game will be on the 28th of August, and then there will be a Festival Day held on Sunday the 30th of August. It is played on a Thursday night at Vautier Park between 3.45 - 5.00pm. They will be 45 - 50 minute sessions.

- Each week/session will begin with a warm-up, then a 15-20 minute skill-based

portion, followed by a modified game to consolidate the skills learnt. It is 5V5 modified game

- Each week concentrates on a different skill and will include new games/activities

to practice those skills.

Competition overview:

- Fun and participation with skill development will still be a focus. Players are to be

rotated through ALL positions and are to get a half game minimum.

Any questions please email Kelly Davidson:


Kelly Davidson