Sports At Ashhurst School


School Sport Teams 

Ashhurst School prides itself on providing a wide variety of sporting opportunities.  We cater for all levels of sportspersons, from participation-focused to competitive events.  The school provides opportunities for children to participate in weekly sports in the following teams;

  • Basketball
  • Hockey - Winter and Summer
  • Summer Soccer
  • Touch
  • Netball
  • Volleyball

Children can register for these sports by visiting Kindo and filling out the appropriate form with payment.  

Sports such as

  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Football

The above sports are club-based and have to be run by clubs in the Manawatu.  There is both an Ashhurst Pohangina Rugby and Football Club in the village. Cricketers must register with a club in either Palmerston North or Feilding.  There is also a local Ashhurst Athletics Club as well.

Sporting Opportunities

Offering a diverse range of additional sporting activities so tamariki can compete at the highest level against other schools around Manawatu and wider New Zealand.

  • AIMS Games: Participating in the AIMS Games allows students to compete against peers nationwide. It's a fantastic platform for budding athletes to showcase their skills and learn from others.


  • Elite Sport Competition: Providing opportunities for elite competition is essential for students who excel in specific sports. As a school, we compete in one-day events in Touch, Netball, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, Football, Cross Country, and Athletics.


  • Ricoh Sports: A competition for Year 5/6 Super Sports played against number of local primary schools.  This is a great opportunity for our Tararua team to compete against other schools. Ricoh Sports includes (Netball, basketball, Football and Rugby)


  • Interschool Sports Opportunities: Inter-school competitions are a cornerstone of school sports programs. They allow students to represent their school and promote camaraderie and healthy competition among various schools in our region. These events include: Rippa Rugby tournaments,  Ki - O  - Rahi, Central Football tournaments and many more 

To ensure the success of these initiatives, it's crucial to have adequate support from school administrators, coaches, parents, and the community. Additionally, promoting inclusivity and providing resources for students of all skill levels to participate is essential for fostering a positive and inclusive sports culture within the school.


Specialist Sports Coach - Mike Van Buuren 

We feel privileged to welcome Mike, our new sports coach dedicated to guiding young athletes of all backgrounds on their journey to success! With a passion for inclusivity and a wealth of expertise, our specialist coach creates a supportive environment where every child can thrive. Whether honing skills, building confidence, or fostering teamwork, our coach is committed to unlocking the potential within each tamariki (children). Join us and discover the joy of sport, accessible to all!"


Our commitment to providing exceptional sports facilities ensures students can pursue their athletic passions year-round in a safe and dynamic environment.

Our sports complex boasts a covered canopy, allowing year-round usage regardless of the weather. Rain or shine, students can continue to train and compete, ensuring uninterrupted progress in their athletic endeavours.

Dive into excellence with our indoor pool, where swimmers can practice and compete year-round. Whether it's perfecting strokes or building endurance, our heated pool offers a welcoming environment for aquatic enthusiasts of all levels.

We're excited to announce the addition of a newly upgraded turf, providing the perfect playing surface for various sports. From Netball to Ki - o-Rahi, our turf ensures optimal performance and safety for athletes, enabling them to push the boundaries of their abilities.

Cricket enthusiasts will be delighted to find dedicated cricket nets, offering the perfect space to hone their skills and engage in friendly competition. Our commitment to diversity in sports ensures that every student has the opportunity to explore and excel in their chosen athletic pursuits.

At Ashhurst School, we understand that sports play a crucial role in holistic development. Our facilities promote physical fitness and instil values of teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship that extend far beyond the playing field. Join us in embracing the thrill of competition and the joy of camaraderie as we celebrate the power of sports to shape young minds and bodies.


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Ashhurst School Code of Conduct

Ashhurst School Sports Code of Conduct

If students are to play any sport under Ashhurst School, they must accept the following conditions

1. Support the selection process of the school and specific sports.

2. Attend all games and practices as required by your coach. Failure to fulfil these requirements, or make contact with a coach or manager regarding excuse for absence from practice will result in a stand-down/time on the sideline for the following game.

3. Players stood down will still be expected to attend games and support their team.

4. All students are expected to show team commitment and loyalty.

5. Students are expected to show and treat their coaches, managers and fellow team members with full respect as they would expect in return.

6. Correct playing uniform must be worn at all times.

7. All players must assist with team duties and responsibilities.   Failure to assist will result in a removal/ stand down from the team.

8. Students are expected to display a high level of appropriate behaviour on and off the game area.

9. Students will abide by the Fairplay Charter, and show respect towards their opposition.

10. All fees must be paid before the commencement of the season.  

11. By filling in the Kindo registration form you have agreed to these conditions above. 

Supporters and Sponsors

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